Outside of books and films, Michael has had a life-long interest in music. He was a vocalist and banjo/guitar player with the CH Folk Four, which broke new ground in bringing folk and rock music into churches, and also played the Royal Albert Hall. He was also drummer with The Betterdays and The Alby, and the 'demon-wash board player' (according to one newspaper critic) of Tight Like That with 'Acoustic Blues Artist of the Year' Dave Peabody, which recorded under the name Pongo Floskin. Michael produced many music recordings, including incidental music for documentary films with Stones keyboard player and composer Matt Clifford, and wrote and recorded the music, featuring Matt, boogie-woogie pianist Bob Hall, vocalists Johnny Coppin, Niki Costello and Regine Walker, for the Radio Four rock opera Sunken Gold, produced and directed in binaural stereo by Michael Mason and starring Dame Judi Dench. He continues his music today as drummer with the Bristol-based Broadcasters' Scratch Band, which raises money for charity. polly flosskin